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ASLI's Trainee Interpreter WhatsApp Group: Sharing Support and Resources

ASLI, which stands for the Association of Sign Language Interpreters and Translators in the United Kingdom, was established in 1987 with the purpose of facilitating professional discussions on various aspects of sign language interpreting and interpreting services. Since its inception, ASLI has been dedicated to two fundamental goals: promoting excellence in sign language interpreting and providing support to fellow professionals.

In line with these objectives, ASLI has created a WhatsApp group specifically for trainee interpreters from across the UK. Membership in ASLI is not a prerequisite for joining this group; all you need is the following information:

The group is moderated by Nicola Alloway and Jenni Kohring, both ASLI members. Their role is to facilitate discussions and provide guidance within the group, which serves as a platform for students and trainees to exchange information, seek support, and discuss relevant issues. It's important to note that while the group welcomes all individuals, including non-members, the discussions and shared information may be closely related to ASLI membership benefits.

Joining this WhatsApp group can be a valuable opportunity to start building your support network, connect with other trainees in your area, and even discover potential avenues for recording evidence. If you are comfortable with the aforementioned arrangement, they invite you to join the group using the link provided below:

WhatsApp group link: []

By participating in this group, you can engage with a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for sign language interpreting, while also benefiting from the resources and expertise associated with ASLI.


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