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On-Screen Interpreting: Strategic Skills for Seamless VRS/VRI Success

Enhance your skills with this specialised course for interpreters working in VRS/VRI settings. This course will explore strategies to present yourself professionally on screen, build rapid rapport, and manage calls with autonomy and clarity. Delve into the factors influencing a successful call and learn how to uphold your reputation while representing the VRS provider. Tackle dilemmas with confidence.

Course Highlights:

  • On-Screen Professionalism: Master the art of presenting yourself in VRS/VRI settings. Learn techniques to build quick and professional rapport, ensuring clarity for hearing participants.

  • Call Management Mastery: Understand the nuances of starting and ending calls professionally. Balance client autonomy with clear communication for uninitiated participants.

  • Factors for Success: Explore the elements contributing to a successful call in VRS/VRI. Learn to navigate challenges while upholding your professional standing and the reputation of the VRS provider.

  • Navigating Dilemmas: Gain insights into handling dilemmas that may arise during VRS/VRI interpreting. Learn strategies to protect your own reputation while ensuring service excellence.


Join our interactive training to gain not only the business essentials but also the specific skills vital for success in VRS/VRI interpreting. Elevate your work with a deep understanding of your professional value, essential ´customer service´ skills, and the ability to strike up a rapport with the help of the Demand Control Schema.

CPD Points



Exclusive for Sign Live Interpreters


12 November 2024





Your Tutor

Stephen Ellis-Menton

Stephen Ellis-Menton

Stephen Ellis-Menton
BSL-English Interpreter, Teacher & A1 Assessor
Stephen has been interpreting for the past 16 years, in a broad variety of domains, most recently specialising in VRS/VRI interpreting. Stephen has worked with a range of organisations to establish and deliver mentorship programs and training for interpreters, both in-house and freelance and developed a range of CPD courses for qualified professionals. Stephen was the lead tutor on the NVQ 6 Diploma in BSL-English Interpreting programmes teaching both underpinning theory and Signature Diploma in interpreting for 10 years.

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