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Making BSL Production More Visual

This one-day, online workshop will encourage participants to break away from the English structure and instead, consider how to fully convey phrases and sentences with a stronger visual element. This workshop is appropriate for those who work with individuals or groups who may not have strong skills in the English language. Tips on how to reduce ‘English thinking’ will be given throughout the workshop, alongside several tasks that will be challenging and thought-provoking.

We will mainly look at the use of Aspect, Manner and Mood and how to utilise these elements of BSL grammar to maximum potential. The artistic world of metaphors, personification and visual vernacular will be discussed and analysed, to give participants a wider range of tools to supplement their visual use of BSL.

Learning Objectives

• Be able to understand what makes BSL visual.

• Understand and apply Aspect, Manner and Mood effectively.

• Gain insight and strategies on how to avoid English influence in BSL.

• Utilise visual vernacular, personification and metaphors in BSL.

CPD Points





1 June 2024





Your Tutor

Gavin Lilley

Gavin Lilley

Gavin has worked in the field of sign language training and development for over 20 years, drawing from his home experience as a native deaf British Sign Language (BSL) user from a multi-generational deaf family. Gavin has immense experience as a teacher and assessor of BSL, having delivered training to thousands of students all over the country. This includes his work delivering BSL from Levels 1 through to 6 at the Universities of Central Lancashire, The University of Sussex and a number of organisations and centres.
He continues to deliver a range of Continuing Professional Development workshops to sign language interpreters / translators, students and several deaf organisations. Gavin has worked as an anchor for an international deaf news programme and as a translator, Gavin is also fluent in international sign language variations, as well as in American Sign Language.

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