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Introduction to International Signing for Interpreters and Transaltors

This one day online workshop is recommended for those who already have advanced skill in any signlanguage. Those who use Sign Language in work or at home on a daily basis (such as SL interpreters and transaltors) would benefit from this course. This workshop aims to expand

participants’ use of their visual language strategies and be able to have basic conversations

in International Sign (IS).

Learning Objectives

• Gain an insight in how International Sign works and how to overcome cultural barriers.

• Understand how to expand and variate signed definitions appropriately.

• Be able to step from reliance on a certain Sign Language or verbal expressions and convey

dialogue using visual and globally recognised signs and gesture.

• Achieve new standards in conversation, production and receptive skills, with both their

own signed language as well as in International Sign.

• Participants will have the confidence to start conversing in informal international settings.

The workshop runs from 10am-4pm and is delivered in BSL.

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20 July 2024





Your Tutor

Gavin Lilley

Gavin Lilley

Gavin has worked in the field of sign language training and development for over 20 years, drawing from his home experience as a native deaf British Sign Language (BSL) user from a multi-generational deaf family. Gavin has immense experience as a teacher and assessor of BSL, having delivered training to thousands of students all over the country. This includes his work delivering BSL from Levels 1 through to 6 at the Universities of Central Lancashire, The University of Sussex and a number of organisations and centres.
He continues to deliver a range of Continuing Professional Development workshops to sign language interpreters / translators, students and several deaf organisations. Gavin has worked as an anchor for an international deaf news programme and as a translator, Gavin is also fluent in international sign language variations, as well as in American Sign Language.

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