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Improving Voice Over using the Communication Accommodation Theory (CAT) - Audience Design and Audience Care for BSL – English Interpreters

Improving Voice Over using the Communication Accommodation Theory (CAT) – Engaging audiences with Audience Design and Audience Care.

Join us for an insightful course designed to tackle the challenges faced when interpreting from BSL into English. Discover effective strategies that can help you overcome these obstacles and deliver accurate, reflective voiceovers for your clients.

During this session, we will dive deep into the Communication Accommodation Theory (CAT) and its role in shaping effective interpretation. By incorporating the principles of Alan Bell’s Audience Design and Audience Care theory too, you'll learn how to create voiceovers that truly resonate with your target audience.

Course Highlights:

  • Embrace the Communication Accommodation Theory (CAT): Develop a comprehensive understanding of the CAT and its impact on interpreting. Explore how this theory can guide your voiceover techniques, leading to improved accuracy and reflectiveness.

  • Audience Design for Impactful Voiceovers: Learn the art of audience design and how it can shape the effectiveness of your voiceovers. Discover techniques to adapt your interpretation to the unique needs and preferences of your target audience.

  • Cultivate Audience Care: Explore the importance of audience care in delivering exceptional voiceovers. Learn strategies to foster connection, empathy, and cultural sensitivity through your interpretation, ensuring a meaningful experience for your audience.

Why Should You Join?

By enrolling in this transformative learning journey, you will:

  • Enhance Processing Skills: Immerse yourself in a safe and enjoyable learning environment, combining theoretical input with practical activities. Develop techniques to improve your processing skills, enabling you to handle challenging interpreting situations with confidence.

  • Master Coping Strategies: Learn valuable coping strategies that will empower you to navigate complex interpreting scenarios. Expand your toolkit and enhance your ability to deliver accurate and impactful voiceovers.

  • Elevate Reflective Practice: Embrace the power of reflection in refining your voiceover skills. Cultivate a deeper understanding of the theoretical foundations and apply them in practical settings, taking your performance to new heights.

Join us for an immersive session and discover the art of creating impactful voiceovers that resonate with your audience, and embark on a journey of professional excellence.

CPD Points



Exclusive for Sign Live Interpreters


10 September 2024





Your Tutor

Stephen Ellis-Menton

Stephen Ellis-Menton

Stephen Ellis-Menton
BSL-English Interpreter, Teacher & A1 Assessor
Stephen has been interpreting for the past 16 years, in a broad variety of domains, most recently specialising in VRS/VRI interpreting. Stephen has worked with a range of organisations to establish and deliver mentorship programs and training for interpreters, both in-house and freelance and developed a range of CPD courses for qualified professionals. Stephen was the lead tutor on the NVQ 6 Diploma in BSL-English Interpreting programmes teaching both underpinning theory and Signature Diploma in interpreting for 10 years.

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