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Exploring the Power of Supervision: How Supervision can improve Interpreting Practice and Well-being.

Exploring the Power of Supervision: How Supervision can improve Interpreting Practice and Well-being.

Ever wondered what professional supervision is all about? Ever felt the impact of interpreting on your well-being and need to seek a solution? Join us for an enlightening training session that will demystify supervision and how it can empower you to enhance your practice and make confident decisions.

In this dynamic session, we'll delve into the essence of supervision and its profound benefits for interpreters. Discover how supervision can support your well-being, mitigate the risk of burnout, and provide guidance when faced with challenging dilemmas in your work.

Training Highlights:

  • Understanding the Essence of Supervision: Gain a comprehensive overview of supervision and its transformative potential. Explore its role in promoting self-awareness, growth, and professional development, as well as its positive impact on your interpreting/translation practice.

  • Finding the Right Supervisor: Learn practical strategies for finding a compatible supervisor who aligns with your needs and goals. Discover essential questions to ask to ensure a fruitful and supportive supervisory relationship.

  • Exploring Supervisory Sessions: Get an inside look at what happens during a supervision session. Understand the nature of discussions and explore the various topics that can be addressed.

  • Gain valuable insights and techniques to make the most out of your supervisory experience.

Training Objectives:

By participating in this transformative training, you will:

  • Develop a Clear Understanding: Acquire a solid comprehension of supervision and its significance for interpreters/translators. Uncover its potential to enhance your professional practice and well-being.

  • Identify Your Supervisory Needs: Gain the ability to identify your unique supervisory requirements. Understand how supervision can address specific challenges and support your personal and professional growth.

  • Prepare and Engage: Learn practical tips to prepare for supervisory sessions and make the most of your time with your supervisor. Build confidence in discussing relevant topics and asking pertinent questions.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the power of supervision and elevate your interpreting/transaltion practice and well-being. Join us for an engaging training session where you'll find answers to your questions and embark on a journey of professional growth.


Recommended Readings:

“I don’t think we’re supposed to talking about this” by Robyn Dean and Robert Pollard

Two heads are better than one: Collegiality and supervision as Reflection Practice by Jenna Curtis Views 2018 RID Two Heads Are Better Than One

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14 May 2024





Your Tutor

Gail Ann Dixon

Gail Ann Dixon

Gail Ann Dixon. BSc(Hons), PG Dip, CAVA
Level 7 Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision Gail, a qualified sign language interpreter registered with NRCPD, brings extensive experience in various sectors, including healthcare, mental health, social services, community, training, and higher education. Her journey began with a desire to communicate with her daughter, leading her to complete the Postgraduate Diploma in British Sign Language/English Interpreting at the University of Central Lancashire. Gail adopts a practice profession approach to her interpreting work, constantly seeking growth and improvement. She values regular supervision, which has played a vital role in enhancing her reflective skills and pursuing professional development opportunities. Gail's commitment to the field is evident through her completion of a Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision, her role as an NRCPD Practice Assessor, and active involvement in the review of National Occupational Standards for Interpreting. Alongside Dr. Terry Riley, she co-presents workshops on interpreter collaboration and the support of the Deaf community. Beyond work, Gail nurtures her work-life balance by sharing her passion for art, music, and good food with her loved ones, embracing creativity, curiosity, and an eclectic lifestyle.

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