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Co-Working in Face-to-Face and Remote Settings: Enhancing Co-Working Skills for Sign Language Interpreters.

Elevate your co-working skills in both face-to-face and remote settings through this immersive one-day course. As interpreters, we know that not all co-working experiences are the same. That's why we're here to equip you with better techniques and strategies for an exceptional co-working experience, ensuring seamless teamwork and a positive experience for all co-workers involved. Co-working can be daunting with colleagues that you don't know or when entering a new domain but when done successfully, it can be an extremely rewarding experience!

With some theoretical input, practical examples, tips and strategies to improve your work with other interpreters both online and in face-to-face settings, this course will equip you with all you need to know to make any coworking experience a successful one!


Course Highlights:

  • Navigate Co-Working Dynamics: Gain a deeper understanding of the nuances between face-to-face and remote co-working scenarios. Explore effective strategies for successful collaboration in both contexts.

  • Enhance Client Experiences: Learn how improving co-working dynamics can directly impact a client's experience. Discover the vital role you play in creating a positive and seamless interpreting environment.

  • Reflective Tools for Growth: Explore powerful reflective tools that will empower you to continuously improve your professional practice. Embrace self-reflection as a catalyst for growth and enhanced performance.


Why Should You Join?

  • By enrolling in this transformative learning experience, you will:

  • Expand Your Co-Working Abilities: Immerse yourself in a friendly and interactive session where you can explore co-working, share experiences, and gain expert guidance.

  • Unlock co-working Excellence: With practical tips and advice, whether you're an experienced co-worker or newly qualified. Enhance your ability to collaborate effectively with others in a team, particularly in remote settings.

  • Embrace Reflective Practice: Embrace the power of self-reflection and enhance your professional practice. Discover how reflective tools can transform your performance as a sign language interpreter.


Join us for a day of immersive learning, interactive discussions, and practical insights. Elevate your co-working skills and foster stronger professional relationships.

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28 September 2024





Your Tutor

Stephen Ellis-Menton

Stephen Ellis-Menton

Stephen Ellis-Menton
BSL-English Interpreter, Teacher & A1 Assessor
Stephen has been interpreting for the past 16 years, in a broad variety of domains, most recently specialising in VRS/VRI interpreting. Stephen has worked with a range of organisations to establish and deliver mentorship programs and training for interpreters, both in-house and freelance and developed a range of CPD courses for qualified professionals. Stephen was the lead tutor on the NVQ 6 Diploma in BSL-English Interpreting programmes teaching both underpinning theory and Signature Diploma in interpreting for 10 years.

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